Happy Independence Day, August 15th 2016 Speech in Hindi and English for School Kids, students, Independence Day Essay Free Pdf download and See Narendra Modi{PM} Speech on August 15th, 2016

Friday, 22 July 2016

August 15th Speech in English - Easy Speech Text Pdf download

August 15th Speech, Independence Day Speech, August 15th Speech for English medium students, happy independence Day English speech text pdf download for free, August 15th Speech by Netaji, Mahatma Gandhi, Freedom fighters free speech download, Independence Day 2016 Long Speech for English students of class 2, class 1 and kindergarten students

Easy Independence Day/August 15th Speech Text pdf download : Every Indian must be feel proud on the Independence Day. Independence Day is on August 15th. Independence Day is celebrated annually since 1947. India had got freedom on this day August 15th in 1947. From 1947 we are celebrating Independence Day. In India it is National Holiday on Independence Day August 15th. More than 200 years British Government had ruled our India. After the 200 years we got freedom from British Government on 1947 August 15th. See August 15th Long Speech below below.

Independence Day Short, Easy Speech Text pdf:

August 15th Speech In English
August 15th Speech In English

Here we have given the best and easy speech for kids who are giving the speech about the Independence Day on this year Independence Day 2016. This is the Easiest speech foe small kids they can speak freely and perfectly without any mistake. We have given all the history of our India Independence. We are starting the Speech with Good Morning and we should end the speech by saying Jai Hind Jai Bharath Matha. In many schools first the host the Indian Flag and then they sing our National anthem in the memory of all the Freedom fighters who fought against the British Government for the Freedom of India.

August 15th Speech Text Pdf Download
August 15th Speech Text Pdf Download

      " Good Morning to one and all who are present here. Here I have come to say about the Independence Day. We have Got Independence Day on August 15th in 1947 from the rulers of British Government. Britishers had came to India in 17th century slowly they had  increased influence in India in 18th century Britishers had established East India Company. From their they had ruled India till 1947. Many Indian Freedom Fighters had fought against the British Government. The most popular Indian Freedom Fighter is Mahatma Gandhi. He had fought against the British with out any weapon he had only one weapons that is Non-Violence. He had studied Law. He was born on 2nd October on 1869 and he died after the Independence of India in January 30th 1948. He is the one who had removed all the British Government in India. He had done Two great revolution against the British Government they are UPPU SATHYAGRAHAM and DHANDI YATRA this two are the most popular revolution done by the Mahatma Gandhi. His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is known as Father of the nation. He had joined in Indian Congress Party in 1945. He is known all over the world after the Independence of the India". We are proud to born in this beautiful Country.

Jai Hind Bharath Matha ki Jai


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